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RCC Cement Products

We're the Supplier of all kind of Cement Products. We continue to function on the basis of our values - quality, reliability and efficiency.

  • RCC Pipes

    Reinforced cement concrete (R. C. C.) pipes Popularly known as "Hume pipes" was discovered by "Sir Waltes Hume at Australia. These pipes are produced by Centrifugal spinning process. The Hume pipes were introduced in India with the help of 'Abet brothers' by the name "The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd." As early as 1926.

  • Chamber Cover with frame

    The precast manhole covers and frames are made from reinforced cement concrete.Before it the government authority recommended to use cast iron manhole covers and frames ,but They misused due to its higher value. The precast concrete manhole cover and frame are made according to IS 12592 – 2002. They are of four types
    - Light duty : Capacity 2.5MT Rectangular, Square, Circular. Used for residential and institution for light motor vehicles
    - Medium Duty : Capacity 10MT Rectangular, and Circular. Used for inside lanes, Footpaths, parking areas, for medium duty vehicles
    - Heavy Duty : Capacity 20MT rectangular, square, Circular. Used by commercial areas, City Roads for trucks, Buses.
    - Extra Heavy Duty : Capacity 35MT rectangular, Square and circular. Used for commercial, Industrial, warehouses etc. Carrying Heavy trucks trailers.
    - Perforated/Gratting : Capacity 20MT rectangular, square, Circular. Used by commercial areas, City Roads for trucks, Buses.

  • RCC Half Round Pipes

    Half Round pipes are made from high grade concrete with welded reinforcement to with stand the self load.
    The sizes very according to the customers’ requirement .Used for open derange carrying drain water We are the largest supplier of half round pipes to PMC.

  • Kerb Stones

    Kerbstone is a paving stone forming part of a curb. Used for build an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones, Kerbstones are usually forming part of a gutter.

  • Paving Blocks

    Use your imagination and reinvent your outdoor space with our quality range of paving and walling. Create an underfoot mosaic with our selection of paving packs, or rebuild garden boundaries with walling stones. Whatever your garden’s style, whether it’s pretty or practical, you’ll find just the right product from our paving and walling range online at B&Q.

  • Septic Tanks

    These tanks are used where there is no availability of underground drainage facilities for flushed type of water closets.

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